Pharmacist Career

After successfully completing D.Pharma you can be entitle as Pharmacist. Pharmacist has its own important role in the field of medicine. In fact he/she is a multifunctional figure in this filed. He is one who can work in a clinic or hospital for explaining and providing the patients the prescription written by the doctor and following the effect of it to the individual. He can opt for back end field of experimenting and finding new medicine and exploring the effects and side effect of new found medicines in the laboratories. Besides he can also make his fortune by going into the field of trading of medicine i.e by opening a commercial establishment/chemist shop after acquiring the license from the competent authority. In whatever form he is working he has to work with utmost sincerity as he is directly dealing with the health of the patients. His one mistake can prove fatal for the patient or put all the efforts of the doctor and his team to zero.

A pharmacist in the form of a trader has also to maintain the balance between his own well being and the well being of his customer in his case his customers are not the ordinary people but these are the person who are struggling to save their life. In any way role of the pharmacist is considered to be very crucial and important in this whole process of treatment of a patient.

Although it is hundred percent truth that it is the doctor who can save a life by providing his timely service but the fact that doctor cannot do it without the help of his team mates and a pharmacist is one of them and important too. He/She may have to work for 24 hours in emergency conditions. To do this work tirelessly with all the care and devotion one requires a lot of hard work This is the profession in which a person has to have dual character, on the one side one has to be strong hearted to feel the heat of reality when her services/medicines will not be enough to save the life of a human being and her devotion will not be able to send a patience to his home and on the other side she has to be quite soft hearted so that she could handle the patients of every nature and kind.

The scope of a pharmacist as a profession is increasing with fast pace with the awareness among the masses about their health care activities. To discharge their duties with utmost perfection the prospective pharmacist required professional knowledge about the field and condition they are going to work in the coming time. For that they need proper knowledge and training in their respective field which can only be achieved by doing professionally designed courses. So to be in this profession who has to undergo one of more of the ahead given courses.